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Wooden lines product description

The substrates generally used for our wood line products are: solid wood, MDF, SPC/WPC.
The production process of density board skirting
SPC\WPC footwear production process
Disadvantages of density board skirting

Benefits of density board skirting

There are three general processes: 1. Cladding. All substrates can be used in this process. The patterned paper, PVC film, etc. can be covered with glue to the surface of the substrate. 2. Hot pressing. The melamine paper is pressed onto the density board substrate at a temperature of 200 degrees using a hot press. 3、Painting. Paint the surface of solid wood and MDF according to customer requirements.
One is to saw the board. The whole sheet of density board is sawed into strips of the required skirting width. Secondly, milling. Using woodworking machinery, the strips are milled into the shape of the skirting. Thirdly, painting or cladding. Cladding uses cladding machinery and uses glue to attach PVC, furniture paper, wood veneer etc. to the surface. The back of the skirting is usually taped with waterproof tape. Fourthly, inspection is carried out to see if the surface is smooth and glued in place. Fifthly, packaging.
I. On the plastic extrusion line, a special mould is used to produce the foot line blank. II. The plastic colour film is embossed with a wear-resistant layer and then the colour film is wrapped onto the WPC/SPC line blanks. III. Sawing of the head, inspection and packaging.
A. Easy to thermal expansion and contraction at the beginning of the installation. About a month after installation, there will be no thermal expansion and contraction. Secondly, it cannot be immersed in water. After soaking, the density board will expand and the PVC or furniture paper pasted on it will fall off.
One, the shapes are varied and can be made in any shape according to the customer's needs. Two, a wide range of colours, which can be matched with various colours of the interior, as the surface covering can be any colour of home furnishing paper or PVC. Three, easy to install, you can use gun nails, but also can use the backing of the way, easy to install the footings.

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