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Changzhou Quanxi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wood (plastic) strips and is a manufacturer of accessories specifically for flooring companies. The main products are a wide range of hemming strips, T-strips, stair boards (strips), corner boards, quarter rounds, etc. The products are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used with all types of flooring. The materials used in the products include density board, multi-layer board, WPC, SPC and various other substrates.
The company was established in 2006 and has many years of experience in producing wooden lines. The company has strong technical personnel and is able to meet the needs of customers in all aspects of product development, quality control and after-sales service. Not only in terms of conventional products, but also in terms of unique customer needs, we are able to tailor-make and create products that reflect the individuality of our customers. Nowadays, the floor line series products produced by our factory have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Wooden lines product description

The substrates generally used for our wood line products are: solid wood, MDF, SPC/WPC
The production process of density board skirting

Benefits of density board skirting

There are three general processes: 1. Cladding. All substrates can be used in this process. The patterned paper, PVC film, etc. can be covered with glue to the surface of the substrate. 2. Hot pressing. The melamine paper is pressed onto the density board substrate at a temperature of 200 degrees using a hot press ...
One is to saw the board. The whole sheet of density board is sawed into strips of the required skirting width. Secondly, milling. Using woodworking machinery, the strips are milled into the shape of the skirting. Thirdly, melamine paper is heat pressed or wrapped.
1、Various shapes, can be made in any shape according to customer needs. 2、Various colours, can be matched with various colours of the interior, as the surface covering can be any colour of home furnishing paper or PVC.

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The company always stands in the customer's point of view to think about the problem and solve it. We must deal with problems in the interests of our customers, strive for excellence and perfection, and firmly believe that quality is the guarantee of our brand. At the same time, customer satisfaction is the best result. The company will further deepen its enterprise management and constantly develop new products to meet people's demand for quality life!

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No.12 Hengcui Road, Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou